Khóa học Six Sigma Đai Xanh / Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course Outline (10 days)


  • The program “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” is designed for AAAA Co., Ltd. This course is explained using DMAIC methodology with a lot of case studies. Most of the case studies are solved using Minitab, which is amazing statistical tools. Participants also get to work on a practice project towards the end to ensure that their learnings are put to practice in an end-to-end project.
  • Lean on one side comes down heavily on reducing waste & Six Sigma on other hand is heavy on reducing variation in the process. Training will be driven on Minitab and practical exposure is assured with a classroom project.
  • Quizzes at the end of each topic will set a way to recollect the topics discussed to increase the retention of topics learnt. to provide knowledge and technical using Lean Six Sigma tools and how to use Minitab to collect data, analyse data and decision on data fact.
  • Conduct on five times (2 days- 2 days- 2 days – 2 days – 2 days). And combine with onsite – one job – on one by one Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Improvement Supporting and Coaching.
  • About master plan for training and project supporting please see Appendix I. LEAN SIX SIGMA TRAINING AND PROJECT SUPPORTING PLAN (6 months)

Course Prerequisites:  

  • Computing skills are essential to every Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Every participant in the program must be equipped with a laptop computer loaded with MS Office
  • Need to add in the MINITAB software
  • Option more Microsoft VISIO; Microsoft Project; EVSM; and ARENA Simulation.

Program objective: On completion of this course participants will be able to

  • You will be able to learn & appreciate the learnings of theoretical concepts on Lean, Six Sigma & Minitab
  • Gain in-depth knowledge to implement Lean Six Sigma projects 
  • Apply benefit-feasibility analysis to identify improvement projects aligned with your organization’s priorities for quality, delivery, customer satisfaction, and profitability
  • Successfully apply appropriate Six Sigma Green Belt tools to future projects
  • Perform statistical analyses using MINITAB
  • Develop, evaluate, and implement improvements that can dramatically reduce rework, complexity, defects, delays, and other forms of waste in service and transactional processes
  • Translate Lean Six Sigma analyses into recommendations for improving your work place processes
  • Apply statistical and/or non-statistical control tools to sustain the gains from project improvements . . .

Green Belt Certification:

  • Participants who complete the Green Belt training and pass the Green Belt Exam will be awarded a Green Belt Certification of Completion.
  • Green belt level certification, the project leader to complete the project and the review by CiCC Master Black Belt and board of certification of AAAA Co., Ltd has been completed and bring real value to the company. Will be awarded a Green Belt Certificate of achievements.


  • Construct full theory education program, included of: Theory, Example, Exercise, Question & answer
  • Divide session by each phase and time for training equal with morning and afternoon section

Program Cost: 

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